This page will be reserved for back ground information about the Triggering Question, the process or anything that will shed light on the situation. You may post documents here if you have something you want to share.

This file is a direct connect to YOU TUBE and an informational video on the process we are using. Just Click onto the link and it will take you there. The video last about 12 minutes but is very thorough and easy to follow. There is a science that is employed in our process and it is very clearly evident in the video. The video deals with a very complex issue in international relations, much more lofty than our current discussion, but it shows we are in very good company. The founder of SDD Dr. Christikas is featured but the narrator and other participant are both from Michigan. Jeff Deitrich is from the Michigan Department of Education in the Information Technology Division (MDE has used this process extensively in these difficult financial times to come up with coherent plans) and Gayle Underwood from Allegan Intermediate School District where she is an Assistive Technology Specialist.

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