Welcome to COOR ISD Guided Discussion Site

You are about to participate in a very unique leaning and planning process. You are about to enter the world of Guided Dialouge Design. The GDD process is based on the Structured Dialogic Design pioneered by Alexander Christakas PhD. We are fortunate enough to implement his process to learn more about each other and about special education in general .

The primary goals of this process are to reach clarity and understanding which lead to more effective and focused planning.

There will be two online or virtual phases in this process. The online rounds will be:



During the virtual phase of this process you will be asked to record your thoughts and ideas here in the discussion area of the Wiki. In every case we will be attempting to respond to the Triggering Question. These first two stages are designed to elicit as many thoughts and ideas as possible and clarify them to reach a common understanding.

A Voting round of the process will be done in a face to face meeting will all of the participants gathered in one place. During this phase a unique round of voting will take place which will eventually produce a unique map which will facilitate your future planning.

From here please click on the Triggering Question Tab at the left and let's get started!