Sorting, Classifying and Voting

In this round we will be taking all of the responses gathered during Round 1 and categorize them based on their similarities. The purpose of this round is to deepen our understanding of the various ideas. Pschologists and Teachers know that when students sort or categorize ideas by similarities they are connecting to deeper areas of the brain thus enhancing learning, understanding and memory.

This file contains the cluster list Please review it and make any comments in the comment section of this page. You can suggest moves of items from one cluster to another and you can suggest names for the clusters.

This is the original factor list used for the meeting on March 23.

This is the revised factor list completed on April 27. This list shows the several Factors that were merged with other factors to shorten the overall list. All factors still appear in this list and will only be eliminated for the final process on May 11.

This file is the revised cluster list with the names. Factors that were consolidated with other factors were eliminated from this list.